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Sikalastic 152 - mortar for waterproofing 33kg

by Sika
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Capacity: 25kg + 8kg

Sikalastic 152 is a two-component, fibre-reinforced mortar with high flexibility based on cement modified with special alkali resistant polymers, selected aggregates and additives.

Flexible waterproofing and protection of water-loaded structures such as tanks, concrete pipes, bridges, etc. Protection of concrete surfaces exposed to carbonation. Waterproofing in bathrooms, showers, wet rooms, on terraces, balconies, swimming pools under ceramic tiles glued with cement adhesives. Waterproofing and surface protection of concrete structures. Indoor waterproofing of basement walls and floors exposed to low pressure water. Protective coating for the protection of concrete structures exposed to de-icing agents and freeze-thaw cycles.

Flexible waterproofing and concrete protection. It bridges substrate scratches, also at low temperatures. Resistant to de-icing salts and carbon dioxide. Two-component, contains liquid polymer, does not require the addition of water. It can be applied to slightly damp substrates. Easy application, also on vertical surfaces, does not flow. Good adhesion to many construction substrates such as: concrete, cement mortar, stone, brick.

Consumption: ~ 1.80 kg/m2/mm

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