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Sika Lastomer 710 butyl, butyl sealant

by Sika
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SikaLastomer®-710 - butyl sealant

SikaLastomer 710 is a stable sealant butyl paste . The product is used to create plastic seals in many industry sectors.

Capacity : 310ml


  • one-component
  • easy to apply and remove
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • permanently plastic
  • good grip
  • the possibility of disconnecting sealed elements


SikaLastomer 710 is designed to create permanently ductile seals that are designed to be separable in the future. It can be used in the production of cars, buses, trucks and all kinds of bodies. It exhibits good adhesion to virtually all applied surfaces with minimal surface preparation.

SikaLastomer 710 is intended for experienced and professional users only. In order to ensure optimal adhesion and material compatibility, tests of the bonded surfaces should be carried out under current conditions.


  • Chemical characterization: Butyl rubber
  • Skin formation time (23°C / 50% r.h.): 10 - 30 min.
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to 80°C


Surface preparation

The surfaces of the structural elements to be sealed must be clean, dry and free of dust and grease. In case of doubt, we recommend carrying out verification tests.


Apply SikaLastomer 710 with a hand or pneumatic gun. Cut the end of the mass feeding nozzle according to the desired thickness of the sealant layer. During operation, the temperature of the sealed elements and SikaLastomer 710 should be between +15 and +25°C.

Do not apply the mass at ambient temperatures below 10°C and above 35°C.


On non-porous surfaces, allow the sealant to dry and then gently scrape off. On porous surfaces SikaLastomer 710 sealant can only be removed mechanically and any remaining residue can be removed with Sika Remover208. Hands and exposed parts of the body should be washed immediately using Sika Handclean Towels or suitable industrial cleaners and water. Do not use any solvents!

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