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SikaMur InjectoCream 100 - injection of masonry

by Sika
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Capacity: 600ml

SikaMur InjectoCream-100 is the material that forms the basis of a new concept of rising moisture control. The Sika product is pressed into the holes drilled in the masonry joint with a normal construction putty gun. No special equipment is required for the application. When pressed into the joints, SikaMur InjectoCream-100 spontaneously penetrates into the damp wall, creating a diaphragm preventing the capillary rise of water.


Sika Injection Cream can be used to create an anti-wicking membrane in almost all types of masonry:

  • Full brick walls;
  • diaphragm walls;
  • Stone walls and masonry walls with a stone core or similar.


  • Trouble-free use during work, low dependence on personnel qualifications;
  • One-component, ready-to-use injection cream;
  • Quick to work - no need to drill holes twice, no pressure or gravity;
  • No need to seal the area around the injection holes, which is the case with pressure methods;
  • Negligible loss of material, simple calculation of the amount of material needed;
  • No need for expensive pumps;
  • Elimination of leaks and dirt, no problems with leaking cream and injection at partition walls, recesses, etc.
  • Sika Cream is a formula with a high concentration of active ingredients (about 80%), so you need to introduce less passive ingredients, better results compared to injections with a lot of fillers;
  • SikaMur InjectoCream-100 is low hazard, on water thinner, no alkaline reaction,
  • The Sika product is non-flammable;

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