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SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape fixing tape for the Tack Panel system

by Sika
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Length: 33mb

SikaTack® Panel Fixing Tape is a closed cell polyethylene spacer tape for pre-fixing façade panels while the SikaTack Panel adhesive is curing. There is a layer of self-adhesive on both sides of the tape. The product shows very good adhesion and shear strength.
SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape is part of a system for economical concealed fixing of ventilated facade cladding. Thanks to the SikaTack Panel system, which consists of
includes: SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape, SikaTack Panel adhesive and suitable surface preparation agents such as SikaTack
Panel Primer cladding can be attached to the substructure in a way that is not visible from the outside.

Product advantages

  • Very high initial tack
  • Excellent weather resistance
  • Adheres to a wide range of materials
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Separating tape easy to remove
  • Fully compatible with SikaTack Panel adhesives

SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape is used for pre-fixing façade panels (until the SikaTack Panel adhesive has cured) and to maintain proper thickness
welds. The use of SikaTack Panel Fixing Tape provides economical and quick pre-fixation of façade panels.
The product is intended for professional use by experienced users only. Testing must be carried out for actual conditions and selected surfaces to ensure adhesion and proper material selection.

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