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Sopro DFX Design Epoxy Grout - epoxy grout 3kg

by Sopro
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Sopro DFX - Epoxy grout

Capacity: 3kg

Easy to process and install, decorative, flexible, two-component, fine-grained, with high resistance to chemical and mechanical loads, epoxy grout (class RG according to EN 13888) and glue (class R2 T according to EN 12004). For grouting ceramic tiles and other coverings. For simultaneous gluing and grouting of glass, ceramic and small mosaics, especially when the same color of the adhesive mortar and grout is desired.

The high resistance of the grout ensures its long-lasting, attractive appearance, especially in places exposed to moisture. Also for use in cases of high surface contamination with water, cleaning agents, chemicals and acids, natural fats and in areas subject to pressurized water and rinsing actions. For use in residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings. For showers, bathrooms, wellness facilities and swimming pools, also with thermal water, in the food industry, laboratories and industrial kitchens, for balconies and terraces.

  • joint width: 1 - 10 mm
  • especially for gluing and grouting mosaics
  • smooth grout, with uniform and durable color
  • easy to maintain, thanks to its smooth surface, resistant to water and dirt
  • easy mixing, grouting and washing
  • high resistance to mechanical and chemical factors
  • high adhesion to the edges of the cladding
  • possibility of adding gold, silver or copper Sopro glitter
  • processing time: approx. 45 minutes
  • indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors
  • only for professional users!


approx. 2.0 kg/m2 when gluing and grouting mosaics. Consumption may be different/variable depending on the substrate, joint width, layer thickness and lining format.

Mixing proportions

Components A and B of Sopro DFX Design Fuga Epoxy are pre-measured. Do not mix partial quantities, as incorrect proportions of components A and B may negatively affect the hardening of the mortar.

With the addition of Sopro glitter:

3 kg container: Add max. 100 g (1 bag) of Sopro glitter (gold, silver or copper) to the ready mixture.


Indoors and outdoors, on walls and floors. For grouting ceramic tiles and slabs (stoneware, stoneware, glazed tiles and terracotta), conglomerate slabs and ceramic shapes. For decorative and color-coordinated bonding and grouting of glass, ceramics and small mosaics. It is always recommended to perform a trial grouting.

Particularly recommended for bathrooms, showers, balconies and terraces, as well as in areas exposed to:

  • aggressive water : e.g. in swimming pools with thermal and brine water; in steam saunas and Turkish baths; in wellness zones; in breweries, wineries, wine presses and other beverage production plants; in the leather, paper, textile and pharmaceutical industries; in sewage treatment plants and neutralizers; in zoos.
  • chemicals and acids : e.g. in laboratories, chemical industry rooms and battery charging rooms.
  • natural fats : e.g. in the meat and fish processing industry, in kitchens and canteens, dairies and cheese factories.
  • heavy loads and rinsing action : in swimming pools with artificially generated waves, in industrial car washes and in industrial sewage tanks

Suitable for filling cement joints during renovation and renovation works - minimum filling depth 3 mm.

For bonding cladding thicknesses ≤ 6 mm. For larger or heavier cladding formats, we recommend using Sopro DBE 500 mortar.

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