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Sopro FDF 525 - Liquid film waterproofing 5kg

by Sopro
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Capacity: 5kg

Grey colour

Highly flexible, one-component, solvent-free, liquid plastic coating for sealing walls and floors covered with tiles and slabs. Protects against unpressurized water in rooms loaded with moisture, e.g. bathrooms, showers, washrooms, sanitary rooms.


  • Bonded sealing under tiles and slabs
  • It bridges scratches and cracks
  • Coating thickness min. 0.5mm
  • Fast drying (1st layer 1.5-2.5 hours, 2nd layer 3-5 hours)
  • Easy to apply
  • For application by roller, spatula, painting and spraying
  • Also suitable for heated floors
  • In rooms, on walls and floors
  • It has the European Technical Approval ETA-13/0155


Indoor surface sealing for applications in accordance with DIN 18534 in the application area W0-I "low water exposure" and W1-I "moderate water exposure" (floors and walls) and W2-I "high water exposure" (walls only). In areas of class W2-I, i.e. high exposure to water, such as floors in showers and bathrooms, including domestic floors, with a built-in linear or point drain, floors in front of non-closed shower trays or non-closed showers with a floor drain, floors in showers and collective showers , intensively used and cleaned floors in public / collective toilets and showers / in collective recreation areas / at airports, etc.

Recommended substrates

Cement plasters, cement-lime plasters, plasters based on high-hydraulic lime, gypsum plasters, gypsum cardboard and gypsum fiber building boards, concrete, lightweight concrete, aerated concrete, masonry with full joints, chipboards, cement screeds, mastic asphalt screeds, magnesia and anhydrite, existing ceramic cladding. Elements made of extruded polystyrene; old, well-adhering residues of carpet and PVC adhesives. For use on wooden floors, please contact Sopro Technical Support.

Coating thickness/consumption

Required coating thickness after applying 2 layers:

For the water load class / / min. coating thickness after drying / / min. thickness of the fresh coating / / wear

  • W0-I – W1-I (floors and walls) / / 0.5mm / / 0.8mm / / 1.2 kg/m2
  • W2-I (walls only) / / 0.5mm / / 0.8mm / / 1.2 kg/m2

Application temperature

From +5ºC to max. +35ºC (substrate, air, material).

Drying time

  • 1st layer: 1.5-2.5 hours
  • 2nd layer: 3.0-5.0 hours
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