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Sopro GD 749 primer for absorbent substrates 4kg

by Sopro
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Sopro GD 749 - primer concentrate for absorbent substrates

Highly concentrated, solvent-free, quick-drying, light blue primer based on the highest quality polymer resin, for substrates with high and varied absorbency. For priming the substrate under mineral adhesives, putties and composite seals.

Capacity : 4kg

Color : light blue

• Quick-drying
• Depending on the application, it can be diluted with water
• High penetration ability
• Also recommended for heated floors and walls
• Contains no solvents
• EMICODE® license according to GEV: EC1 PLUS very low emission level PLUS
• Indoors and outdoors


Sopro GD 749 primer reduces excessive absorbency and evens out the varying absorbency of the substrate. Increases adhesion, binds dust and strengthens sandy surfaces. When applying self-leveling flooring compounds and composite seals, Sopro reduces the formation of air bubbles on their surface. When applying thin-layer adhesive mortars and composite seals, it limits the extraction of mixing water from the mortars.

Appropriate substrates

Absorbent substrates such as cement plaster, cement-lime plaster, gypsum plaster, plasters made of plaster and masonry binders, masonry, absorbent concrete, aerated concrete, gypsum building boards, gypsum cardboard and gypsum fiber boards, cement screeds, anhydrite screeds.

Substrate preparation

The substrates must be dry, load-bearing, resistant to deformation, free of cracks and any layers that reduce adhesion (e.g. dust, oil, wax, anti-adhesive agents, efflorescence, sinters, residues of varnishes and concrete paints). Cracks in the screed should be glued (sewn with staples) with Sopro GH 564 resin. Anhydrite screeds must have a moisture content of ≤ 0.5% by weight. and be properly sanded and cleaned. Screeds made using quick-setting binders, e.g. Sopro Rapidur® B5, are ready for tiling after 3 days. Cement screeds must be seasoned at least 28 days and be dry (humidity ≤ 2.0% by weight). Before laying, heated cement and anhydrite screeds must undergo a pre-heating procedure and obtain a humidity measurement result of ≤ 2.0% by weight for cement screeds and ≤ 0.3% by weight for anhydrite screeds. Gypsum plasters must be dry, single-layer, and cannot be felted or smoothed. Remove thin layers of putty. Industry guidelines, recommendations and standards as well as generally accepted principles of construction technology apply.

How to use

Before use, mix the primer or shake the package several times, then apply it to the prepared substrate using a brush, roller or spatula. Apply only enough material that will be absorbed by the substrate and will not cause puddles to form on the surface. Once the ground is completely dry, you can proceed with further work.


50-100 g/m2 depending on the absorbency of the substrate

Application temperature

From +5°C to max. +30°C (substrate, material, air)

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