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Sopro DSF 523 flexible sealing mortar 4kg

by Sopro
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One-component, cementitious sealing mortar for the production of elastic, water-impermeable and crack-bridging coatings. When renovating existing, durable and load-bearing ceramic tile coverings on balconies and terraces (tile-on-tile method). For use in wet rooms (bathrooms, showers, laundries, kitchens) under ceramic tile coverings and coverings, in swimming pools, on balconies and terraces under ceramic tile coverings and coverings as well as under terrace boards and slabs on spacers, in underground parts of the building, in utility water tanks. It has the National Technical Assessment ITB-KOT-2017/0027.

  • Vapor permeable
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Resistant to negative pressure
  • Drying time: approx. 4 hours per coat
  • Walkable: after approx. 5-6 hours
  • Low loss of layer after drying
  • Use time: approx. 2 hours
  • Easy application
  • For application by roller, spatula, painting and spraying
  • For balconies and terraces
  • For damp and wet rooms
  • For swimming pools
  • For underground parts of buildings
  • For drinking water tanks
  • For walls and floors
  • Indoors and outdoors
  • Low chromate product acc. with Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006, Annex XVII


Bonded waterproofing in rooms (e.g. showers, sanitary facilities, toilets) for applications in accordance with DIN 18 534 Part. 3 in water impact class W0-I "low", W1-I "moderate", W2-I "high" and W3-I "very high", intended for finishing with ceramic and stone cladding (corresponds to water load class A and A0 according to with the list of regulations of the German building supervision and ZDB guidelines). For the production of seals from the inside of service water tanks and basins (e.g. swimming pools) in accordance with DIN 18 535 Part. 3 in water impact class W1-B "Up to 4 m water column height" (corresponds to load class B in accordance with ZDB guidelines).
For sealing balconies and terraces in accordance with DIN 18 531 part 5 (corresponds to load class B0 according to ZDB guidelines). When renovating existing, load-bearing and durable ceramic tile coverings on balconies and terraces. As a seal on terraces under terrace and wooden boards, under boards on spacers.
For the production of flexible, crack-bridging sealing coatings, protecting the surface of building elements and buildings, resistant to negative pressure.

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