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Sopro No. 1 Extra Tile adhesive 22.5 kg

by Sopro
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Sopro No.1 400 extra

Multifunctional, highly flexible, deformable S1 adhesive mortar

Capacity: 22.5 kg

Multifunctional, enriched with an increased addition of fibers and plastics, highly flexible adhesive mortar in the S1 deformability class, for gluing ceramic tiles and tiles, mosaics and large-format stoneware, resistant to deformation and discoloration of natural stone.

Multifunctional use: in the consistency of a thin and medium layer, semi-liquid, for filling and leveling unevenness on smaller surfaces up to 20 mm layer thickness.

For indoor and outdoor use, in wet and damp rooms, for fixing cladding on floor and wall heating, on terraces and balconies. Also widely used for gluing linings in swimming pools.

In a semi-liquid consistency, it is ideal for gluing tiles on floors, facilitating the achievement of complete filling of the space under the tile.


For ceramic, stoneware, stoneware and mosaic tiles and tiles, as well as natural stone and concrete tiles that are not sensitive to discoloration. For use in residential, service and industrial rooms, in damp and wet rooms, swimming pools, operating rooms, passageways as well as on balconies, terraces and facades. For filling and leveling unevenness on smaller surfaces up to a layer thickness of 20 mm (for drywall and mastic asphalt screeds up to a maximum of 5 mm).

Recommended substrates

Concrete, lightweight concrete, seasoned for at least 3 months; cement, anhydrite, mastic asphalt screeds (indoors), dry; heated floors and walls (cement and anhydrite screeds, cement plasters); existing, durable ceramic, natural stone, terrazzo or concrete cladding; gypsum boards, gypsum cardboard boards, gypsum fiber boards; masonry with full joints (do not use for mixed masonry); plasters made from plaster and masonry binders; cement, cement-lime, gypsum plaster; hard foam boards. Composite seals made of Sopro FDF 525, Sopro TDS 823, Sopro DSF® 423/523, Sopro AEB® or Sopro PU-FD.


After approx. 3 days; service facilities after approx. 14 days, wet rooms with high water load after approx. 7 days, underwater areas. After approx. 21 days, floors and walls heated after approx. 14 days.

Application temperature

+5°C to max. +30°C (substrate, material, air); in the cold season, in outdoor areas, the use of Sopro quick-setting adhesive mortars is recommended.


Approx. 1.0 kg/m2 per mm layer thickness.

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